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The first AIR THEATER in the world!

Our Goal

  • Creating a “pocket size” theatre
    Obtaining a versatile construction, minimizing time and manpower
  • Cutting structure installation costs
    Minimizing the environmental impact on the surrounding area
  • Cutting the red tape involved in obtaining permits for installing temporary structures

A new experience in entertainment

KDome is an inflatable, self-supporting, 400 square-metre theatre structure and is the theatre concept of the future. An events arena, with a modern design, inflated in 3 minutes and ready for being converted into audience seating, a stage, an events venue, a catwalk or … anything else needed for hosting performances.

K-Dome is versatile, it can be configured for innumerable layouts.

Extendable: addition of 9 metres in length and 400 seats to tiered seating.
Additional entry: addition of a side mini dome as a secondary space, in combination with the main Theatre.

87.50 m2
Capacity 260

Conference venue
24.00 m2 (4.00 m x 6.00 m)
Capacity 400

Exhibition venue
37,6 m²
Capacity 400

Dinner show
24.00 m2 (4.00 m x 6.00 m) 

Capacity 270

19.65 m2 (diameter 5.00 m)
Capacity 390

Fashion Show
19,65 m² (catwalk 10 x 2 m)
Capacity 300

Enjoy the KDome!


Director: Kai Leclerc / Switzerland
Phone: +41 793 596 308
Email: kaileclercartist@gmail.com

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